Every year thousands of students start their university degree eager to get ready for the real world. They share a few hopes. The hope to learn how to crack the code of success. The hope to one day land the dream job or maybe start their own successful business. This was at least my hopes when I started my Business and Entrepreneurship degree at the university.

The reality that met me was far from my expectations. I gained the theoretical knowledge needed to do academic work but not the tools to succeed in the real world. This realization first hit me when I started my own business in the summer of 2016.

I was eager to try out my skills in a real business environment. I thought I was well prepared and had most things figured out but I still knew it was going to be hard and I expected some bumps along the road. What soon became clear was that the skills needed to run a business and the skills needed to succeed at the university were two totally different things. I found myself constantly learning new things that I thought I had already learned.

I hit a wall of legal and financial terms that was totally new to me but everyone that I did business whit seemed to know. When I went back to the university after three months of constant work, I had learned more about business and networking than I had learned in all my years of education combined. I had covered some of the basics on how to run a business, but I still didn’t know nearly enough.

How is it possible to start a business without any previous knowledge about running a business?

If I struggle to start a business while taking an entrepreneurial degree what must it feel like for people with zero formal business knowledge? I was lucky I could get help from friends and family that knew the business world who supported me and answered most of my questions. But not everyone has friends and family with business skills.

While starting a business, you will need help developing your idea into reality, and you will need legal and financial advice on how to run a business. To find all this information requires a lot of research either from your network or from sources such as books, courses or podcasts.

What if there was a way to find all the tools needed to start a business and also get access to a network of people that knows the startup worlds ins and outs?

This is the challenge we decide to tackle at Grundr Academy. We are developing a series of online courses for people who want to start their own business. It gives access to tools, advice, legal contract templates, and a network of people providing you with the knowledge needed to turn your idea into a profitable and sustainable business. It will give you the practical knowledge you are missing from your university degree and need to start and grow your business.

Do you have an idea you want to test in the real world or already have a business but are struggling to scale?

If you want to get early access to some free content and be one of the first to get access to the full program launching in April. Sign up with the link below and you will get one step closer to start your own successful company.

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